• Stephan Gardner

    Stephan Gardner

    I’m a videographer, musician, mindset analyst for people wanting to find more emotional presence, courage, and certainty in their lifestyle.

  • Maggie Lee

    Maggie Lee

    Toronto native, longtime Beijing resident, former Quebecker and Hong Konger. Now in Manchester embarking on a digital adventure @hyperisland. Ex-@B_M @Ogilvy PR

  • Matthew Cole

    Matthew Cole

  • Ron Soreanu

    Ron Soreanu

  • Jake Hirsch-Allen

    Jake Hirsch-Allen

    connecting @linkedin global health @McMasterU devschool @lighthouse_labs access2meds @HealthImpact former IP & intl crim lawyer,lobbyist diplobrat &photographer

  • Alina Novikova

    Alina Novikova

  • Alex Tribe

    Alex Tribe

  • Mike Connell

    Mike Connell

    Writer/Comic Creator: https://madquill.substack.com/

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