Around May of 2020 I was kicking around new business ideas. One of the few I landed on was All Sorts.

The concept: A direct mail catalogue that is printed and mailed to tens of thousands of targeted households featuring cool, internet-first brands (DTC).

As of this writing, the project is make or break by January 25th, the deadline for brands to commit. …

Psychedelics are quickly becoming the hottest new sector. Companies are springing up from nothing only to be traded on public markets overnight, while existing public companies are moving away from their previous iterations in cannabis, e-sports or blockchain and taking a dive into psychedelics. I’ve covered these movements extensively at the Report on Psychedelics.

If a company’s goal is to pump and dump it really won’t matter if the companies strategy is nothing more than a sort of slick pitch deck. …

Credit: @tipado

As righteous protests, riots and looting (I use all three words to emphasize my support for each action) grip the United States and the world I want to acknowledge the debt the cannabis industry owes to black lives.

I had been an active (now mostly passive) part of the Canadian cannabis industry for several years, during this time I and others took small steps (hosting an event with Cannabis Amnesty and promoting their work) to acknowledge the injustice of profiting off a product that many black and indigenous people remain imprisoned for has indirectly cost countless lives from those communities…

Psychedelics will take time, let’s learn that lesson from cannabis.

I’ve been writing about psychedelics for about 10 months now, first as part of a Leaf Forward newsletter (now The Report on Sex) and The Report on Psychedelics. There’s not doubt that the mush rush or the shroom boom, whatever you want to call it is here. There’s also little doubt that these psychedelic substances will have meaningful impact on people’s live. But it will take time, be patient. I’m sharing some very obvious things I’ve been thinking and saying about psychedelics.

Decriminalization isn’t legalization. Decriminalizing a substance or a…

Long term trends combined with a recent restructuring of how we buy our household items may mean it’s now a really good time to start an oat milk business.

Before I get into it, I’d like to make the disclaimer that I know very little about this topic. This idea popped into my head so I figured I would write it out. If you know more about oat milk, consumer goods, grocery, retail, etc., I’d love to hear from you.

But here’s what I do know: Consumers are increasingly concerned about the impact that products they buy have on the…

In order to rebuild after Covid, there needs to be a shift in how our digital economy is structured. Good actors in tech need to provide alternatives to predatory and monopolistic practices of the bad actors, and the government needs to take this opening to legislatively reduce the power of these bad actors. These firms have a stranglehold on the market preventing smaller competitors from squeezing in, either directly by dominating e-commerce channels,creating razor thin margins for vendors, or indirectly by leveraging their market dominance to scare away potential competitors and the capital that would feed them.

All E-Commerce Spending

As it stands…

Alex Blumenstein

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